Lionel Murphy Postgraduate Scholar


Year:              1989

Australian scholarship




Biographical Notes:

Chris has been living in Perth since 1993 and continues to practise as a barrister at Francis Burt Chambers in Perth. His practice covers a broach range of civil, criminal and commercial matters. Chris also teaches Ethics and Professional Responsibility in the Articles Training Program. Prior to going to the Bar, Chris was employed as a lecturer by Murdoch University. Whilst at Murdoch, he developed its inaugural Jurisprudence Course and taught Property and Evidence. During his employment at Murdoch, Chris worked on two projects to establish new community legal centres in the areas of clinical legal education and environmental law. He was Chairperson of the Southern Community Advocacy Legal and Education Service when it opened in April 1997 as the first site for clinical legal education in Western Australia. He served on the inaugural Management Committee of the Environmental Defender's Office in 1996 and 1997. Whilst teaching at Murdoch, Chris served on the Homeswest Independent Appeals Tribunal as Chairperson and continues to have an interest in public housing issues. Before relocating to Perth in 1993, Chris worked at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre in Sydney (1992) and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (1991). To his credit is an extensive list of publications on various matters, including aboriginal rights, toxic chemicals, clinical legal education, public housing and tortious injury, and his LLM thesis is titled 'Property, Is it in the Public Interest?'


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Substantial Contribution:

"Toxic Maze", a 3 volume series on the regulation and administration of toxic chemicals in Australia, International Business Communications Sydney, 1992;

Unpublished Manuscript

LLM thesis: "Property, Is It In The Public Interest".