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Trustees of the Lionel Murphy Foundation


Current Trustees are:


Professor David Brown

Chairperson 2001-

(Trustee 1992-


Dr Jocelynne Scutt

Vice Chairperson 2005-

(Trustee 1986-


Ms Geraldine Turner OAM

 Trustee 1986-


Dr Michael Coper

 Trustee 1986-


Dr Paul Dietze

Secretary 2006/7 -

 (Trustee 2001-


Dr Miles Davenport

Trustee 1996-

(Secretary 2001-2006)


Dr Jenny Hocking

 Trustee 2001-


The Hon Barry O Jones AO 

 Trustee 1995-

Mr Cameron Murphy

Trustee 2004-

Dr Lisa Maher  Trustee 2008-

Honorary Trustees of the Lionel Murphy Foundation


Mr Ray Gietzelt AO

Past Secretary 1986-2000

The Hon Gough Whitlam AC QC Past Vice Chairperson 1986-
Prof. Harry Messel AC CBE Former Trustee 1986-2006
Prof. Tony Blackshield Former Trustee 1986-2006

Former Trustees of the Lionel Murphy Foundation

(the late) The Hon Justin O'Bryne AO (Tasmanian Senator since 1946, President of the Senate 1974-76) Trustee  1989-1993
(the late) The Hon Merv Everett AO QC (MLA Tasmania 1964-74; Tasmanian Senator 1974-75), Judge Supreme Court of Tasmania 1978-1984) Judge of the Federal Court of Australia 1984-1987) Trustee  1986-1988

(the late) The Hon Don Dunstan AC QC (former Premier and Treasurer of South Australia)

Trustee  1986-1990

(the late) Prof. Manning Clark AC (Historian, Emeritus Professor Australian National University)

Trustee 1986-1991
(the late) Professor Jim Hagan Trustee:  1991-2009


Ms Jane Innes

 Trustee 1996-2010

(the late) The Hon Neville Wran AC QC Past Chairperson 1986-2000


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