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Lionel Murphy Memorial Lectures


Transcripts from previous Lionel Murphy Memorial Lectures can be found at the links below

1987:  Inaugural 

The Hon Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG

‘Murphy—Bold Spirit of the Living Law’

1988:  2nd Lecture

Professor Tony Blackshield

‘The Perils of a Written Constitution’  (transcript not available)

1989: 3rd Lecture

The Hon Justice Mary Gaudron

Third Lionel Murphy Memorial Lecture 

1990: 4th Lecture

George Negus

Fourth Lionel Murphy Memorial Lecture 

1991: 5th Lecture

Malcolm Turnbull

‘The Queen and Colonialism: A Republic   Address’ 

1992: 6th Lecture

The Hon Barry O Jones AO MP

‘Setting a New Radical Agenda for the 21st Century’ 

1993: 7th Lecture 

Professor Paul Wilson

‘Beyond the Witchhunt: Decriminalising Illegal Drugs' 

1994: 8th Lecture

Noel Pearson

‘After Mabo’ 

1995: 9th Lecture

The Hon Peter Baume AO

‘Voluntary Euthanasia and the Liberal Tradition’ 

1996: 10th Lecture

Mr Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG

‘Lionel Murphy – Ten Years On’ 

1996: Special Address

Mr Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG

‘Lionel Murphy and the Power of Ideas: The dissenter’s views begin to prevail’ 

1997: 11th Lecture

Ms Cheryl Kernot

‘The Failure of Conservatism; Meeting the Challenges of New Politics’ 

1998:12th Lecture

Senator Natasha Stott Despoja

'Towards 2000: Politics, the Law and Technology' 

1998: Special Address

Dr Paul Dietze PhD

Address on his term as a Lionel Murphy Scholar

1999: 13th Lecture

Professor Henry Reynolds MA Dlitt

'Murphy, Coe and the Problem of Aboriginal Sovereignty'    (transcript not available)

2000: 14th Lecture

The Hon J J Spigelman AC, Chief Justice of NSW

'Economic Rationalism and the Law'  (Transcript available online --- click here)

2001: 15th Lecture

Ms Pat Turner AM

'Reconciliation - Moving Beyond Broad Support and Goodwill'

2002: 16th Lecture

Mr Julian Burnside QC

'Who's Afraid of Human Rights?'

2003: 17th Lecture

Dr Tim Flannery

'Humanism & the environment:  Addressing need in a world of environmental limits'
(partial transcript only)

2004: 18th Lecture

Dr Inga Clendinnen

'Making Stories, Telling Tales:  Life, Literature, Law'

2005: 19th Lecture

The Hon R J L Hawke AC

'From Deakin to Howard  -  A Tarnished Vision'

2006: 20th Lecture

The Hon Neville Wran AC QC

'Civil Liberties:  An Endangered Species'

Audio Recording at http://law.anu.edu.au/nissl/murphy.htm

2007: 21st Lecture

The Hon Alastair Nicholson AO, RFD, QC

'Australia's Children: Does the Law Offer Them Sufficient Protection?

2008: 22nd Lecture

Cameron Murphy

'Australia as International Citizen - From Past Failure to Future Distinction'

2008 Extra

Dr Natasha Cica

Past Scholar's Address

2009: 23rd Lecture

Dr Rob Moodie

'Preventative Health and the Nanny State:  Fairy Godmother or Wicked Witch?'

2009 Extra

Sean Brennan

Past Scholar's Address (transcript not available)

2010: 24th Lecture

Professor Patrick McGorry AO

'A 21st Century Approach to Mental Health’ (transcript not available)

2011: 25th Lecture

The Hon Robert McClelland, AG

'Vigilance against Injustice in the Criminal Justice' (transcript not available)

2013: 26th Lecture

 The Hon Mark Dreyfus QC MP, Commonwealth Attorney-General

‘Realising Labor values: The moral arc of Australi’a (transcript not available)

2014: 27th Lecture

Professor George Williams AO, University of New South Wales

Does Australia need new anti-terror laws?

2016: 29th Lecture

Senator the Hon. Penny Wong

‘Equality matters’ (transcript not available)

2017: 30th Lecture

Professor Jenny Hocking FASSA

The Secret History of the Dismissal of the Whitlam Government: The Palace Connection

Audio file.



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