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The following images are copyrighted, as indicated, and may not be reproduced, printed, or used in any way, without written permission of the creator.  


These images are reproduced here with the permission of the artists. 


The Lionel Murphy Foundation does not have the right to extend permission to reproduce to any individual or entity. 





Photo of Lionel Murphy, 1982  

 by Heide Smith.    

Reproduced here with the kind permission of Heide Smith.    

Copyright is held by Heide Smith.  










Geoff Pryor,  1944 –  

“Lionel Murphy – 1922-1986 R.I.P.” (picture) 1986.

1 drawing:  pen, ink and wash on paper;  Part of Pryor collection of cartoons and drawings (picture) 1978





Stewart McCrae, 1919-

“Ah, Paris in the spring!  Are you hinting we should risk spoiling it with nuclear fall-out?”    (Senator Lionel Murphy meets with President Georges Pompidou in Paris, 1974 to campaign against French nuclear tests in the Pacific (picture).

1 drawing: pen and ink, wash, crayon and watercolour on paper;

Part of Stewart McCrae cartoon collection (picture) (1963-1980).

National Library of Australia




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