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1.    Nuclear Tests Case - Opening Address at the International Court of Justice, The Hague, by the Hon. Lionel Murphy QC, Australian Attorney-General.   Click here for entry.

2.    Legislation introduced by the Hon Lionel Murphy QC, as Attorney-General and Minister for Customs & Excise, during his parliamentary term.   Click here for full list.

3.   Parliamentary biographical note for the Hon Lionel Murphy QC.   Click here for entry.

4.   Lionel Murphy's maiden speech, The Senate, 29 August 1962.  Click here for transcript.

5.    Collection of Lionel Murphy speeches whilst a High Court Judge:         http://www.arts.monash.edu.au/ncas/staff/jhocking.php/lionel/lm1.htm

6.    List of documents relating to the Hon. Lionel Murphy, in bound volume held at the High Court of Australia.    Click here for list.

7.    Foreword by Mr Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG for Dr Jenny Hocking's book, 'Lionel Murphy:  A Political Biography'.    Click here for transcript.

8.    "He drew his strength not only from his knowledge that he had nothing to answer.   That was, of course, part of it.  But even more important for him was his absolute confidence that the rule of law, its processes properly used, and the institutions which underpin the rule of law, would themselves provide his complete vindication."
                        Neville Wran AC QC at the  State Memorial Service for Lionel Murphy,   27 October 1986


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